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Monday, June 18, 2018

 PulpandPaper.net (Pulp and Paper Network, LLC)
About PulpandPaper.net
Pulpandpaper.net's mission is to develop, market and manage the leading, most comprehensive pulp and paper industry information resource and electronic community available on the Internet.

The launch of the Pulpandpaper.net web site in 1996 followed the classic Internet strategy of free membership. The Pulpandpaper.net News Service was officially launched on May 19, 1997 and, after only one year, it proved itself a success as evidenced by nearly 500,000 hits per month. Pulpandpaper.net has developed strategic alliances with publishers and news services world-wide, including Dow Jones Newswires.

Pulpandpaper.net is dedicated to continuously applying available Internet technology to effectively improve the packaging and distribution of content; add upstream, midstream, downstream and geographic specific industry information; develop a world-wide sales and marketing network; and utilize Pulpandpaper.net's unique "publisher independent" position.

In 2001, Walden-Mott Corporation (Walden), dedicated to publishing news and information for the pulp and paper industry since 1884, announced the acquisition of the www.pulpandpaper.net assets and the creation of Pulp and Paper Network, LLC (PPN), the leader in online industry information.  Since the acquisition, Walden has applied its industry knowledge and technical expertise to redevelop the PPN services into a more cohesive service that reflects the needs of today’s industry professionals, while allowing PulpandPaper.net to retain its unique "publisher independent" position.  Pulpandpaper.net subscribers will continue to have access to news, analysis and pricing information from sources around the world.


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