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Monday, June 18, 2018

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 Paper Industry Acronyms

AFH -- Away-From-Home tissue, also Commercial & Industrial (C&I) tissue
AF&PA -- American Forest and Paper Association
AICC -- Association of Independent Corrugated Converters
AOCC -- American Old Corrugated Containers
AOX -- Adsorable Organic Halogen
AO/EO -- Alternative Offset and Equal Offset
APMP -- Alkaline Peroxide Mechanical Pulping
AQ -- Anthraquinone

BAT -- Best Available Technology
BACT -- Best Available Control Technology
BC -- Boise Cascade
BCT -- Box Compression Test
BCMP -- Bisulfite Chemi-Mechanical Pulp
BCTMP -- Bleached Chemi-Thermo Mechanical Pulp
BDMT -- Bone Dry Metric Tonne
BEK -- Bleached Eucalyptus Kraft Pulp
BEKP -- Bleached Eucalyptus Kraft Pulp
BKP -- Bleached Kraft Pulp
BOD -- Biological Oxygen Demand
BSF -- Billion Square Feet
BW -- Basis Weight

C1S -- Coated One Side
C2S -- Coated Two Sides
C&I -- Commercial & Industrial tissue, also Away-From-Home (AFH) tissue
CEPI -- Confederation of European Paper Industries
CF -- Chlorine Free
CNK -- Coated Natural Kraft
CCNB -- Clay-Coated NewsBack
CD -- Cross Direction
CMP -- Chemi-Mechanical Pulp
CMT -- Concora Medium Test
CPO -- Computer Print Out
CPPA -- Canadian Pulp & Paper Association.
CRB -- Coated Recycled PaperBoard
CRMP -- Chemi-Refiner Mechanical Pulp
CSF -- Canadian Standard Freeness
CTMP -- Chemi-Thermo Mechanical Pulp
CUK -- Coated Unbleached Kraft

DIP -- Deinked Pulp
DLK -- Double-Lined Kraft

ECF -- Elemental Chlorine Free
EPA -- Environmental Protection Agency
EMCC -- Extended Modified Continuous Cooking

FBB -- Folding Boxboard
FPM -- Feet Per Minute

HWC -- Heavyweight Coated
HWEC -- Hard White Envelope Cuts

GATF -- Graphic Art Technical Foundation
GCC -- Ground Calcium Carbonate
G-P -- Georgia-Pacific Corp.
GPC -- Graphic Packaging Corp.
GW -- Groundwood pulp or mechanical paper

HC -- High Consistency
HD -- High Density
HP -- Horsepower
HVAC -- Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning
HW or H/W -- Hardwood pulp
HYS -- High Yield Sulfite

IP -- International Paper Co.
IR -- Infrared
ISO -- International Standards Organization

KW - Kilowatt
KWH -- Kilowatt Hour

LD -- Low Density
LDPE -- Low Density Polyethylene
LWC -- LightWeight Coated paper (No. 5 28- ,30-, 32-lb paper)

M/M -- Meters per Minute
MC -- Medium Consistency
MCC- Modified Continuous Cooking
MD -- Machine Direction
MF -- Machine Finish
MFC -- Machine Finished Coated
MFP -- Machine Finished Pigmentized
MG -- Machine Glazed, Mono Glazed
MICR -- Magnetic Ink Character Recognition
MOW -- Mixed Office Waste
MSW -- Municipal Solid Waste
MT -- Metric Tonne
MTPD -- Metric Tonnes Per Day
MTPY - Metric Tonnes Per Year
MWC - Medium Weight Coated

NBHK -- Northern Bleached Hardwood Kraft pulp
NBSK -- Northern Bleached Softwood Kraft pulp
NDLK -- New Doubled-Lined Kraft Cuttings
NAA -- Newspaper Association of America
NOx -- Nitrogen Oxide
NPA -- National Paperbox Association
NPTA -- National Paper Trade Association
NSSC -- Neutral Sulfite Semi-Chemical

OCC -- Old Corrugated Containers
OCR -- Optical Character Recognition
OMG -- Old Magazines
ONP -- Old Newspapers
ODMT -- Oven Dry Metric Tonne
ODST -- Oven Dry Short Ton
OSB -- Oriented Strand Board

PAPRICAN -- Pulp & Paper Research Institute of CANada
PAPRO- Pulp And Paper Research Organization
PAPTAC- Pulp & Paper Technical Association of Canada
PC -- Programmable Controller
PCA- Paackaging Corporation of America
PCC -- Precipitated Calcium Carbonate
PG -- Procter & Gamble Co.
PGW -- Pressurized Groundwood
PIA -- Printing Industries of America
PIMA -- Paper Industry Management Association
PE -- Polyethylene
PLI -- Pounds per Linear Inch
PP -- Polypropylene
PPM- Parts Per Million
PPS - Parker Print Surf (paper smoothness test)
PSI -- Pounds per Square Inch

RCF -- Recycled Cellulose Fiber
RCT -- Ring Crush Test
RMP -- Refiner Mechanical Pulp
RPM -- Revolutions Per Minute

SAP -- Super Absorbent Polymer
SBK -- Semi Bleached Kraft
SBB --
SBHK -- Southern Bleached Hardwood Kraft pulp
SBSK -- Southern Bleached Softwood Kraft pulp
SBS -- Solid Bleached Sulfate paperboard
SC -- SuperCalendered nagazine paper
SFI -- Sustainable Forestry Initiative
SOP -- Sorted Office Papers
SPC -- Statistical Process Control
SQC -- Statistical Quality Control
SS -- Stainless Steel
SSCC -- Smurfit-Stone Container Corporation
ST -- Short Ton
SUS -- Solid Unbleached Sulfate paperboard
SW or S/W -- Softwood
SWL -- Sorted White Ledger

TAD -- Through Air Drying
TOD -- Total Oxygen Demand
TMP -- Thermo Mechanical Pulp
TPA -- Tons Per Annum
TPD -- Tons Per Day
TPY -- Tons Per Year

UV -- Ultraviolet
VFD -- Variable Frequency Drive
VOC -- Volatile Organic Compound

WLC - White Ledger Cutting, White-Lined Coated


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