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Monday, June 18, 2018


Frequently Asked Questions on PulpandPaper.net

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This FAQ will help you answer some common questions regarding this website.  Simply click on the question that most closely resembles your problem.  If you still have questions or suggestions regarding this website, please email us at: webmaster@pulpandpaper.net


Why can't I login to pulpandpaper.net?

Make sure you are going to: http://www.pulpandpaper.net

NOTE: The URLs walden.pulpandpaper.net, news.pulpandpaper.net and europe.pulpandpaper.net will no longer be used with the new design.
Only bookmark the homepage at:
http://www.pulpandpaper.net and you should be able to log-in without a problem.

To Login, click "Login / Register" on the left menu, and enter your user information.


How come the main menu does not appear?

The menu that pulpandpaper.net uses is a JScript(JavaScript).  In order to view the menu, your browser must be compatible with JavaScript.

If you are using version 5.0 or lower of Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator, it might be a good idea to upgrade to their latest browser. Many bugs have been fixed and features upgraded. Either go to "Windows Update" or directly to:

Internet Explorer: http://www.microsoft.com/windows/ie/default.asp

How should I properly bookmark pulpandpaper.net?

Go directly to the homepage at: http://www.pulpandpaper.net

Depending on your browser:

  • Internet Explorer:
    Click 'Add to Favorites' on the "Favorites" menu.
  • Netscape Navigator:
    Click 'Add Bookmark' on the "Bookmarks" menu.
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